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Organizational Evolution and Leadership

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#Team #Culture #Targets #Purpose #OKR #Collaborations

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Leadership is the biggest privilige and the biggest responsibility at the same time

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The human resource is the most important resource within a company. Creating a high pace organization that empowers, motivates and develops people is one of the most complex topics. Maintaining a culture that fosters customer centricity and keeps on pushing limits is even more challenging considering hierarchies and politics in a growing corporation. During my time at Polestar, we adapted, restructured, promoted and developed. Result: Almost no fluctuation within 3 years. Within my area responsibility, there were 17 internal as well as external FTEs.

"Bastian has shown and proven to be a successful and authentic leader. Building and developing a team from scratch is one thing, to walk the talk and enable people for peak performance is the other one. Having worked for Bastian as his direct, I am pleased to say he mastered both and was impressed about his passion and motivational spark that spilled over to everyone in the organization. Not only to his own team."

Pascal Fischer, Lead Network Development Polestar DE

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