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Business Development

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#ServiceNetwork #Collaborations #ProcessMapping #Organization #OrderToDelivery #RetailNetwork

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Never stop questioning the status quo

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Leading the business development in a young startup is rather a short-term oriented task. The main challenge was to keep also a mid longterm perspective. Initially, setting up the whole Order-to-delivery processes was the main focus . Additionaly, we extended the service network from 20 to 120 service partners, implemented virtual consulting (incl. coaching ), set up the lead management operations , started impactful partnerships and supported other departments to grow and improve.

„I closely collaborated with Bastian during the go-to-market phase of Polestar. His ability to structure, prioritize and to facilitate different stakeholder groups within a high dynamic environment was outstanding. Thanks to him, we set the local foundation for the Order-to-delivery processes back in 2020.“

Martin Janson, Global Head of Order-to-Delivery Polestar

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