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Retail Development and -Experience

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Developing the best retail experience in Automotive

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With seven inner city locations as well as diverse temporary setups Polestar has far less locations compared to traditional automotive retail networks. Therefore, these locations need to deliver a perfect customer experience. It is immensely important to establish the understanding that our offline touchpoints are essential to create a 360° customer view and thus, are crucial in the Polestar CRM journey. The testdrive amount as well as NPS scores were major focus areas. In order to increase the coverage, we balanced the remaining regions with temporary locations and diverse marketing and community activations.

"Bastian and his team have set a great standard in managing and developing the local retail network in Germany, based on global planning and conceptual guidelines. New ( temporary ) locations were always smartly derived from robust analyses based on logical data points, detailed business cases and "what if" scenario planning. The high NPS scores and test drive numbers in German Polestar Locations are clear results from robustness in planning and implementation, and I highly rate Bastians efforts and skills in delivering results"

- Marcus Telkin, Head of Retail Operations & Experience

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