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Sales Funnel Excellence

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#D2C #CRM Development #InsideSales #Omnichannel #Salesforce #CustomerData

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Definition of the Polestar way of selling

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Throughout the last years, my responsibility was to develop a sales methodolegy fitting to the Polestar D2C/operator model. By smartly connecting phyiscal touchpoints with internal sales teams, we created a truly connected customer experience. External lead platforms were onboarded and succesfully integrated in the Polestar ecosystem. Understanding the importance of a functioning CRM system as well as the strong collaboration between sales and marketing were major key success factor.

Recognition /

„Bastian and his team created multiple succesful approaches within the Lead Management landscape which were used as EMEA blueprints. He was a key market contributor to the EMEA sales operating model.“

– Richard Molloy, Head of Sales Europe Polestar

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